Custom sidebars

The use of custom sidebars gives you total control They make it possible to give the visitors of your website the content they are really interested in and perfectly fit to their wishes. The custom sidebars are a great solution for everyone who has Marketing in mind and wants to deliver their messages tailored to...


Spa Industries We especially thank Rens Steenbergen, CEO of Spa Industries Benelux for his contribution of the great photos, which he aloud to use on the Screen theme. At the pictures you see the famous Australian Brand Signature Spas.

Background image

Background image or color Screen gives you the opportunity to beautifully present your Business or  Brand.  Upload your photo material at a resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels  and make it the background for you Page or Post, simple and easy from  your  Edit page. Screen will automatically make sure that your photos  always  look perfect...